Tuesday, January 17, 2012


How many people can say that they are where they want to be job wise?  I know I couldn't until recently.  I had a great job with a good company for four years, but after giving birth to my daughter it was a daily hardship to go there.  I was too much of a Martha wishing to be more of a Mary.  Thankfully, God saw fit to give my husband a great job, so that I was able to say adios to the job I had and say hello to the job that I dreamed of. WOOT!!

Now this blog is to help me keep track of Mine, Shaun and Nynah Beth's life no matter how inane some of this may seem...I am taking joy in everything ...even the stinky poopy  diapers, tantrums, climbing, biting, hair pulling, almost daily heart attacks that come along with having a 15 month old angel named Nynah.  ;).  Be aware some of this stuff will be BO ring (maybe to you), Hilarious,  Sad and just plain old plain old stuff.  I will have the occasional recipe, and arts and crafts ideas thrown in just to keep it a little spicy.  

Something cute...I was going through my camera and found where Shaun had videoed Nynah laughing while watching Sesame Street (from our best friend NetFlix) where  SUPER Grover 2.0 is using a golf club to beat down an iceberg.... Enjoy ;)