Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dinner 12.22.11 Nynah 16 Mo.

Tonight's dinner was Baked Jalapeno Kettle Brand chips chicken with veggies.

This recipe came from
Of course I put my spin on it a little...I didn't pound the chicken (Shaun was headed home hungry) I halved the recipe and I used organic Whole milk not buttermilk (because I am NOT a fan).

Rosemary Garlic Cheddar Bread (My first Homemade Bread)

This recipe came from: 

The Change that I made was that  used Rosemary instead of Basil.

And last but not least my first dessert made with my (new to me) Kitchen-aid Mixer ...NUMMY

This Website that the recipe came from:

I used Vanilla Ice Cream(slightly more than a pint) in this...'cause I have been WANTING a chocolate cake.  The Chocolate Cake that was used was organic from Whole Foods...BUT I wouldn't recommend it due to the fact that it had hardly any sugar (and I had to add powdered to it). 
It was the most moist (say that 5 times fast) cake I have ever eaten and Shaun LOVED it...4 Stars on this time I will just make sure and use a general cake mix instead of an organic one :D

This has been a VERY busy week for Nynah and are some photos of all that we have been up to :D
Nynah playing with the boys : O lol she liked it too much ;)
Nynah's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese...what fun that was!  I think we will have to have her 2nd Birthday there in September :D