Monday, April 16, 2012

I LOVE my Keurig

I am so beyond addicted to coffee...everyone who knows me knows this.  My new addiction is my Keurig K-Cups...I love to buy them I love to drink makes me happy every morning.  Even my  penny pinching hubby has been converted due to our hyper lifestyle and his 2:00 am wake up call to go to work.  He has been telling me lately..sure baby..go buy some more K-Cups :D  this makes me a VERY happy wifey!   I even have a GREAT friend that when we have a play date we swap flavors of K-Cups that way we can try different things to see what we like and what we would like to buy more of .  I am right now looking forward to Friday to try the new Coconut K-Cup she was telling me about...YUMMY!!