Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today's MRI and Tomorrow's Tysabri

Arrgh Slow down a little-lot!

Another MS post....

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from the Dr. who is handling my TOUCH (TYSABRI Outreach: Unified Commitment to Health) Program.  Somehow my file had been misplaced and I needed to have an MRI prior to my Tysabri Injection (which is tomorrow).Over the phone (being woken up from my afternoon nap) with the doctor I went off a little lot.  Asking questions as to why this had been so badly handled and telling her that this means I now have 3 appointments at the same place for 3 different days.  Umm $$$ ...TIME     It was a bit of shuffling and moving things around.  How in the world can one get a sitter with only a few hours notice.  So S had to take a few hours off of work to sleep a little prior to getting us shuttled off to the MRI destination.  

WHEW that being said I apologised to the Dr. today for my not so great,not so Christian behavior.  She was so sweet and said - if it were her she would have pitched a bigger fit.    

So I Cx my Clinic (again) so that there would only be two drives to the same place.  

I had a cognitive screening...ok so I am slow. I began to cough during the middle of it and the MA said not to worry I would have several of these screenings.  This one was unexpected.  I HATE being on the lower side of anything...I asked if I had any wrong he said No....grrrr.  Of course I would trade slower for perfection (Who wouldn't ) I ran out of the house so fast this AM I hadn't take my super-duper wooper whopper vitamins.  ::Not to self never evahh do that again::

The MRI was a regular then contrast MRI I did fine on the regular but I had a coughing fit again during the contrast so it was a do over.  15 extra min of lying still - that is just too hard for me!!  

I have a cute pic of Y laughing at me yesterday while I did a dance while I sang "Hey big boy what you gonna do, what you gonna do, what you gonna do."  I know I ripped the lyrics but he is a HOSS and it is a funny made up song.   Here is his response...

Photo: Y was cracking up laughing while I sing and moving my head and neck to a song. #mamaissilly
Mama you're silly!!