Sunday, August 25, 2013

Slow cooker "Sunday" roast

What I used to look forward to, after church on Sunday.

Sunday Roast with garlic mashed sweet potatoes and cucumber, tomato salad

I woke up this morning with a runny nose and sore throat - but I knew that If i made something home cooked I would probably feel better - and it worked!!  I need to feel good prior to my next Tysabri injection Friday.  

Yesterday Winn-Dixie had their BOGO roast sell and it was ON!  So of course I got two chuck roasts for less than $13.  This is a rarity, but it makes me very happy.  I <3 a good roast!

I got, Sweet potatoes, Carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers along side the roast I got and yes, that is what was cooked today. (See upcoming posts for Cucumber, tomato salad and Garlic smashed sweet potatoes.)

 I <3 sweet potatoes - I would eat them over white potatoes, ANY day.  I found out yesterday that Yams and sweet potatoes were not the same 
What a Southerner I am!! lol

Roast Recipe:

1 2-3 lb Roast
1 Large sweet potato cleaned and diced
1 Medium Onion diced
1/2 bag of carrots washed
2 Large Tbs of Organic Better than Beef bouillon
1 cup of water
2 Tbs of garlic
2 Tbs of bacon lard
4 Tbs of cooking sherry
1  can Cream of mushroom soup (see recipe below for less to no preservatives)
^ Roast after cream of mushroom addition

Seasonings for roast:

1 Tsp dried rosemary
Garlic Salt (as desired) 
Black pepper (as desired)

Cream of Mushroom Soup without preservatives recipe:

2 Tbs of Butter
2 Tbs of white cooking wine
2 4 oz. cans of mushrooms
3/4 cup of full fat sour cream
1/4 cup of milk
1 Tbs garlic

All of this should be cooked together (microwaved or on the stove) and added 30 min after the roast ingredients have been put together.  Cooking this and adding it later while warm, to the cooking roast, the cream of mushroom soup will not curdle.


  • Spray the inside of the slow cooker with cooking spray.
  • Wash the roast down  - but also make sure you clean out your sink to avoid foodborne illness soon after.
  • Sear roast in a pan (if desired) with bacon lard, garlic, onions.
  • Place roast, onion and garlic into the slow cooker
  •  Deglaze pan afterwards with the wine and to slow cooker
  •  2 Tbs of Better than Beef Bullion with 1 cup of water and mix together
  • Add to slow cooker
  • Add sweet potatoes
  • Add carrots
  • Add seasonings  
  • Cook for 30 min
  • Add cream of mushroom soup
  • Mix together and cook for 2 hours on high then 2-3 more house on medium to create an eat with a spoon roast.