Friday, September 20, 2013

Our ALDI shopping experience

<3 ALDI Shopping <3

Lots of yum and two mehs

The hubby and I went shopping after one of my dentist appointments since we have a new Aldi very close to us - we were eager to try it out.  <3 <3

We went to go and spend our returnable quarter, but someone stopped us and handed us a buggy (or shopping cart)...that was even better than a quarter angel it was a buggy angel ;-D 

We walked in and everyone was perusing slowly through the aisles.  I loved this, because it meant that I did not have to rush through either with my DH and 2 kids.

Our DD was in the seat of the buggy and as we walked through she added things that looked yummy to her.  The first aisle had snacks. Chips were her first snag, Clancy's Cheese puffs.  These are not my favorite but DD & DH like them and THAT is what matters.

Secondly thing I saw was Clancy sweet potato chips... and they are FANTASTIC!! If you keep up with my blog you know that I <3 sweet potatoes. I had to stop eating them because they were THAT good.  The aftertaste was ahh mazing!

We had learned through other bloggers and past experiences that their Haribo gummies were wonderful and wonderfully priced.  I have a gummy fetish but seriously they were for my DD  Hee hee :D

But the next thing we got was now my favorite item OMW i am in luv luv luv with this...
The Spicy Guac is something I could eat a half pouch for lunch and walk away VERY happy and full with some low calorie chips.  

Later in the day I wanted to try out the Artichoke & Cheese Strudel.Deutsche K├╝che Savory Strudels This was something that was the MEH for everyone.  The strudel crust was good but the artichoke and cheese filling was disgusting especially for $4. We had baked 1/4 of it and maybe we just got the wrong end? It was wonderful to return it without incident. 

The other MEH item was the Mama Cozzi's Pepperoni Pizza.  I think it is because we are picky about pizza crusts.  The Cheese was fine, the sauce was fine and the pepperoni was great but the crust was just gross to both me and my hubby :(   We will not purchase this again unless it is for a kids party since kids wouldn't be as weird as DH and I are, about crusts :D

For 2 days I thought this Guac was my best buy, but last night I cooked the Cattlemen's Ranch Bacon wrapped Beef Filet.  CAHHHH  DH was amazed by the cost and how great they were. Two of them for $6.  I sprinkled a small amount of garlic salt and black pepper and seared both sides of the filets and then turned it down and cooked them for 15 minutes (for mine) and 20 minutes for DH turning occasionally.  Using a toothpick to keep the bacon on was helpful.  

While this was going on I had boiled some corn (from Aldi) so I halved a few pieces buttered  salt and peppered them. $2.27 for 4 large cobbs.  Then we had pieces of cake for dessert $3.  Since we ate half of the corn and less than half of the cake our dinner was a total of $8-9..WOW!

I told DH that is was our anniversary dinner. I probably would not have said that if it hadn't had been great.  :-D

Last night while I cooked I  asked DH to take DD and pick up a few things some of our friends had mentioned were worth buying. The first was The Little Salad Bar chicken salad WOW yes I had this for breakfast this morning and I may have more for lunch so yummy!!  

The second was the creamer since we were out of it, we bought hazelnut and vanilla caramel.  Both are do-able especially for how large they are for 2.29!

 The third was cookies that looked good to me - for my morning coffee or tea- Doppel Keks.  The Cookies aren't sweet themselves but the filling is a decent chocolate.  

Well, this being said. I am off to eat lunch - chicken salad anyone? :-q Num num!!