Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MS funnies -Ongoing post

Funny word mix ups when I am hitting the wall of fatigue:

N (Me to my DD) you have face on your milk!

S (Me to my DH) would you mind getting me a slice of my birthday cake cheese?

W (Me to my son) You are such a bug biddy! (Big Buddy)

S (my DH) Yeah, I think my eyes may be too big for my head.  DH Looking confused "Huh?" Me "Yeah, you will probably have to eat most of this, because my eyes are too big for my head....ohh ummm I mean My eyes are bigger than my stomach?" 

Funny things that happen at my expense from my family:

While at the doctors office paying for my next Tysabri infusion, I begin to walk back towards my previous chair not paying attention to very much around me. I was only attempting to place my debit card into my wallet in a place that I will remember.  I arrive at my chair and my mom said, "Amy you were just sniffed."  I said WHAT?  My mind and eyes immediately went to the middle aged gentleman that was near me when I checked out.  My mom burst out laughing and said, "NO, look to your left".  Funny enough there was a HUGE service dog sitting there that I had  just walked past. Evidently the Quiver lotion I had used before leaving home, gave him the desire to sniff me as I walked past.   It was enough to have me laughing hard as my nurse called my name.